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I  have watched Amanda for years on QVC.  She always looks great - hair, makeup, clothing, jewelry, etc.  I am interested in her hair cut - I know she uses WEN and perhaps Chaz does her cut?  Any idea how to get this info?  I have no idea if models are permitted to reply online.



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amanda jones.jpg


amanda jones (amanda long jones)

she does have a facebook page and an image international page. you could send her a message on facebook.

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I wouldn't think Chaz is around often enough to maintain a short cut like she wears.  I believe they get reshaped every 4 to 6 weeks.

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@Denise in PA @ECBG I believe ECBG is right about that short cut.  I don't have Amanda's beauty or her hair texture, but my short cut looks best if I have it maintained every 3 weeks.  I know that, but unless I have some really important event during that 4th week, I have professional color and cut on a 4-w2eek schedule.  

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Thank you for the replies.  I will check out her FB page.

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I  also have watched Amanda over the years and thought she was a A+ model .

Love her short hair she can wear that style well,  remember hearing Chaz does her hair,think I once heard she is an esthetician and her beautiful skin proves to me she must also be very good  in that profession.

Just a very natural beauty and a plus to QVC to have her.

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Always stylish and classy.

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Where is the model Amanda?  I miss seeing her!

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@Denise in PA  Calista Tools lady that always demonstrates these tools cuts a lot of the hosts hair.  She may cut Amanada's too.  

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