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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

@Rockinista wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

I have lots of pull ups and zip ups; but prefer the pull up.  If pants creep down on you, you bought the wrong size or style.  Theyre too short through the rise.


I find pull ups are a lot more comfortable and I don't tuck so there's no advantage to having a zipper.  If you wear your shirt out, nobody sees the zipper, so what difference does it make, if nobody can catch you wearing "Mom jeans"?


I guess you're referring to my post above.  Thank you, I didn't know I was buying the wrong size and style pants all these years!  Lol.  Also, that's a very unique ability, to be able to assess the fit of someone else's pants without even seeing them on them.  Woman LOL 
Zippered jeans and pants are just more flattering on me.  I don't care for elastic waist pants, other than leggings, and won't buy them.  But,  I'm not speaking for anyone but myself here.
They're historically sold by shopping channels solely to keep returns to a minimum, no other reason.  I personally don't think we'll see QVC and HSN changing any time soon, not regarding this.


I agree with Kachina, I've been wearing pull on's for years and I have yet to have a pair ride down on me. Stick with the zipper, but let us who enjoy a pull up have our style. 

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

I have pants that creep down on me that have a regular set in waistband, button and fly front.  I didn't buy the wrong size and they certainly aren't too short in the rise.  The fit is perfect.


It's the material that makes them creep or slide down. I've bought DG jeans that had a "slippery" feel on the inside and before I even got out of my bedroom I was yanking them up.  I've purchased jeans from Old Navy that slide down like bad pantyhose because they have too much stretch in them.


I've never had a dressier pant in a knit, like the WWC type pants or ponte knit slide down on me.  It's always denim I have that problem with and not necessarily pull on denim.  

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

@Kachina624 : I couldn’t agree more. I'm 5ft but have trouble with petite pants as the rise is too short and yes they slide down no matter how tight the rest of the pant. I generally have to purchase regular length to get a higher rise.

I recently bought a couple of the high waist jeans with zippers from Talbots in petite because the rise is high enough.

I love the wide waist pull on pants because they fit so smoothly and I cannot tuck anyway. And they stay put but have to be snug enough. I first bought this style in the Marla Wynne flatter fit and fell in love. I also have several of that style from Soft Surroundings, a couple from WWC in her nicer fabric.

For myself the pull on pants with the narrow elastic waistband are a no.

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

@Andreatoo, you are not the only one. I don't own any pull on pants, of any kind, can't stand them, lol, and I'm 68 years old.
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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

Yes,there are some of us that do prefer elastic waist pants.

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

Shop elsewhere.  I buy the vast majority of everything from QVC, Evine, HSN.  Yes, indeed, elastic waist pants have taken over.  They work for me for most areas of my life but I like to have a couple of pairs of classic, dress pants in my wardrobe and I want a true waist band and zip closure.  I have absolutely no trouble finding them.  I can go on line and find exactly what I want with just a few clicks.  I didn't spend much time on the sites but I found pants with number sizing and zip closures and real waistbands on Macy's and Neiman Marcus sites.  I really don't think one shopping channel or one store can ever satisfy 100% of needs in every single category.

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

I don't own a lot of "dress pants," but the ones I have are button (or hook)/fly front style. I don't own any long or ankle jeans that have an elastic waist. However, I do own a) pull-on exercise pants that have the flat type waistband; b) exercise leggings with the flat waistband; c) linen-y "beach" pants that have a gathered elastic waistband and drawstring (which I don't mind, because it's sort of how the style frequently looks; d) a few pairs of shorts from Jag that pull on and have the flat type waistband -- I'm all for comfort when it's hot in the summer. I seldom tuck anyway (unless it's a half tuck), and I would NEVER tuck in the items I own with the flat waistband. (I do half tuck sometimes in the beach pants.) I also agree with those who have mentioned that body type may play a role in how some pull on styles look/fit. So, for me, they have their place.

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

I think it is good that we have a choice.  Dont buy the pull on pants if you dont like them.  Why does anyone want to take away choices?  And dont tell me that there is no choice because I know better.

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in

@CARMIE wrote:

I very seldom wear elastic waist pants.  I prefer a waistband with a zipper. I find that elastic waist pants droop and slide down.


I have no trouble finding slacks with a zipper, but I need petite sizes which  limits my choices.

@CARMIE   Talbots has loads of petites, great sales, excellent quality, and very consistent sizing. And they have a nice rewards program!


Elastic waists are the only way to go if you are home a lot or traveling.  It cuts down on bathroom time, hassle, and is more comfortable.


NON elastic is best for going out and looking nice or working. 

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Re: Am I the only one who has no interest in



Getting zip front pants that fit is difficult.  My body shape is an "inverted triangle."


The standard ready-made pants hip/waist ratio is 9" difference.  Mine is more like 4". 


So .... if I buy according to hip measurement, I can't zip the pants.


If I buy to waist measurement, I have droopy pants with an enormous excess of fabric around my hips and thighs.


Years ago ... one store clerk suggested I buy according to waist and have the pants tailored .... which would have cost more than the price of the pants!  


Low rise occasionally fit, but men's pants fit best!  So ... my chinos are all from the men's catalog - narrow hips ... no butt ... lower rise.  And, I can order a custom inseam length .... best of both worlds! 


So ... pull-on pants work great.  I just buy according to hip measurement and I'm assured of a good fit.  Never had a fit issue with pull-ons.