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Am I a cheapskate, I feel the clothing on QVC and HSN are overpriced? Sport Savvy and Denim & Co use to be more affordable, forget about the designer brands. I feel I can do so much better at Macys who are having their Friends & Family sale right now. 

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No, you are absolutely not a cheapskate!  I feel the same way and I am sure many others here feel the same!  I used to buy Sport Savvy and Denim & Co and some of the other regular brands on Q and felt they were reasonably price and good quality.  I GET that prices are rising every place.  However, I do shop around, although I have to do it more on line than in person these days as there are just not that many stores around me any more.  I find better deals on Belks, Bealls, Macy, Kohl's, Amazon, and even Dillard's!  There are great brands and great deals to be had all over the place!  They definitely could do much better here!  

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No,you know value.

When we negotiated  for the last 3 acres we bought. Our buyer/broker told me I knew value.

And, yes everything today is overpriced. Even Goodwill.

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Count me in. I'm a cheapskate too. Actually, I can afford QVC prices, I just don't want to spend that much for a t-shirt (for example) when I can buy better quality t-shirts locally.
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Not at all.....I often order from Macy's as they have great deals, free shipping and free return shipping!  The quality of most things is also comparable to the brands at the Q.

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No, you are not a cheapskate.


Look at the following two reindeer.  Both sold out shortly after the presentation started.  


This one was priced at $184 for the 2020 Christmas season.  



The one below was priced at $229 for the 2021 season, an increase of $45 from 2020.  It appears what's available now in 2022 are returns or a reorder.  It is now priced at $322, $93 more than 2021.  


There are minor differences between the two.  While the bodies are the same and size, the neck, head, are positioned a bit differently,  Change to the antlers from backwards to forward.  There's a cardinal on the back.  A bow was added.  


The $322, current price, represents a $138 increase over the $184 in 2020.  That is almost 43% increase in less than 2 years.  


Did it really cost QVC $138, 43% more to have this reindeer reproduced?


QVC is selling a set of 4 carolers ranging from 26 to 35 inches tall at $599.  I found them at several retailers elsewhere for around $380 - $400.




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@Jordan2   If you're a cheapskate then so am I!  I want bang for the buck and $60 for a simple SG top is not it.  And I could afford to pay that price.  QVC no longer has anything unique that cannot be found elsewhere at better prices.



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Re: Am I A Cheapskate

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@Jordan2 You're a savvy shopper. QVC just isn't the best place to buy clothing these days. And while Q has some nice things here and there, a lot is same ole stuff. But main thing to me is, they just can't or don't compete on pricing with other stores when it comes to some of the same brands or types of things. You CAN do much better at brick & mortar or online with stores like Macy's, Target, Marshall's, TJ's, and also others like LOFT online with all their sales, many others. Added to that is you have to pay $6.95 for every returned item...cost prohibitive. That "exchange" policy often doesn't work, since your size has likely sold out by then. So many places have free shipping, or at least free returns.


I too shop around and look for value, and sales. So many options out there, and a big variety beyond what the Q sells...from higher end to "cheap and cheerful", made of the same 100% cotton, or rayon/span, Modal, linen blends, whatever, that Q sells.


I haven't bought a clothing item from QVC other than some Ryka sneakers, since last spring, when I bought a few Candace Cameron Bure' items. Her stuff, also, can be duplicated for much less, just as cute. I just happened to really want a denim skirt, and I'd been looking and not found what I wanted and she had one. Was of value to me, I've worn it a lot. Also bought some Kim Gravel shorts and again this year when same type were the TSV, because they were my favorite shorts from last year.


So, every now and then something is worth it to me on Q, but I definitely shop around.

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ITA, the prices are crazy here.  I simply don't get how other online retailers can have such great sales (for me it's Chico's) free shipping and nicer quality.  So much better than the Q.   And if those reindeer are any indication of the prices coming up for CIJ.........sales will be low this year!   

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No way are you a cheapskate, I am in  shock when I see some of the prices on the Q, think HSN  is a little better usually can find free shipping there. But many times I have to get my glasses on to make sure I'M seeing   right,think some of the vendors are really hurting themselves with these outrageous prices.