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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

Just a thought.  Even Taylor Swift wears hosiery on occasion, and not just with her costumes.  And she's got great legs. 

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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?



I never cared for that bare legged look.  If you're in a resort area, that's okay.  But a dress  with bare legs, even with tanning or leg makeup just is not a good look.  Especially if you are wearing black or grey.  A black dress or skirt with  sheer black hose or grey with a dove grey hose makes the leg look so nice.  Those colors with a bare white leg, not a such a good look.   As a matter of fact  it takes away from the outfit you put together.  I know young woman like that look, but it's just an unfinished effort.

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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

@I am still oxox wrote:

The word nylons itself if about 30 years out of style. 


@I am still oxox    i believe it may be a regional thing.


 nylons, stockings, hose, hosiery, pantyhose


pocketbook, purse, handbag, bag


i still say nylons and pocketbook

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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

Yes, with the exception of dark, opaque “tights.”
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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

I thought they came back for a bit because of Kate Middleton. I try to wear mainly pants to work and pants/ long skirts/ dresses to church. I don’t wear hose with long skirts, but with anything close to the knee I do. My legs are pasty and splotchy. I even wear knee highs with pants and heels if it’s cold. I don’t care if it’s in or not.
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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

I hate dresses & skirts so I wear dressy flowy pants with dressy sandals (if it's warm out) to a formal event.  The only time I wore a dress of any kind was to my DD's wedding two years ago.  It was a long gown and summer so I found a pair of beautiful sandals to wear with it.


Before that it must have been at least 20 years since I wore a dress.

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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

The only style I follow is my own personal one.


I wear pantyhose.

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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

In style/out of style? According to whom? Many, many, actually most stylists I don't agree with, so why would I care what they think about hoisery being in or out of style? I have a good sense of what looks best on me, and don't care, even a little bit, what anyone else thinks, or does. To each their own.
"To each their own, in all things".
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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

I wear pantyhose with dresses unless it's really hot or I'm just running errands.  For any occassion that I am  dressed up and wearing a dress, I wear pantyhose.  In fact, I wear support hose and always have since my 20's.  I walked on concrete hospital floors in dress clothes for over 25 years and kept my legs supported.  Don't really care if they are "in style" as I wear what I want to wear and I like the feeling of light compression on my legs.  

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Re: All Nylons Out Of Style?

I suppose some older women still wear them.  I never wore nylons or stockings.  I wore panties but they went out of fashion years ago. 20, maybe 25.  In the winter months, we wear tights with skirts and dresses.  When warms up, we go bare legged.  I didn't like pantyhose even when they were in style.  They still sell them so someone, somewhere must be wearing them.  Just no one I know.