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Okay fashion detectives....Ali Carr's top in the LocknLock show right cute.


Thanks in advance.😊


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How can anyone see it when they have the dratted Q plus banner taking up half the screen! Grrrr. At times it looks like about half my screen is gone with all of their ads for different things. 

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Why doesn't QVC have a "what the host is wearing" on screen???  So many of "what is so and so wearing" posts. Another stupid blunder by QVC.



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@kaydee50  Just my opinion, but I think they don't, because I believe they don't wear QVC clothing unless they presenting something at least most of them I think are too rich for QVC clothing,,,,,

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Here's a pic so someone can hunt it down:



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Re: Ali Carr Red Top

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Ali is beautiful and that red is very becoming on her.  She looks a lot like Jaclyn Smith from Charlie's Angels.


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Perri Ruffle Sleeve Blouse In Cayenne


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Ali wears it better.