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was talking about brands from the past and Alfred Dunner was mentioned...does anybody know if that was just the name of the brand or an actual designer?


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I think it is a brand that targets mature women. My mother wore a lot of Alfred Dunner. The company was family owned, but I do not know who does the designing.

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"Alfred Dunner Inc. is a company based on two key pillars: heart and soul, both of which are embedded in the clothing we create and the culture we live and breathe. We’re a family-owned and operated business that is driven by an entrepreneurial sensibility—living by our ‘handshake’ approach as well as our word…and never compromising on either. In essence, we care. We care about delivering superior sportswear; we care about the quality and construction of our garments; we care about the needs and wants of our loyal customers and we care about delivering fashion forward designs that are ever-lasting and style-conscious. We’re rooted in family values and loyal ethics—which have led to our family-like reputation in the world of fashion and design."

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Blair carries Alfred Dunner apparal.   One of my friends wears Dunner.

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There's a website, @alohakz.  

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Macys carries Alfred Dunner.

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Mom used to wear Alfred Dunner slacks and tops. 
We purchased them at Melvyn's and Gotchalks, both out of business.

I was in Macy's last week and they had a few pieces.

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Re: Alfred Dunner???

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Belk's also carries Alfred Dunner, both in their stores and on-line. The quality of their clothing has always been quite good. 

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I had a friend that wore this brand years ago and they were very matronly and inexpensive material.  Can't say what their clothes are like now.

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Boscov's carries Alfred Dunner,

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