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On 4/4/2015 birkin baby said: Albany = change the channel for me.

ME TOO!!! I can't stand to see OR hear her.

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Who know's what she means. I too turn the channel when she is the host.
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Am I in the minority?? What does that even mean? … "Maybe she has a wax build up"

No matter how many times I've read it, I still don't get it Lol.

Albany is an okay host in small doses. "Oh my stars & garters" has become SOOO annoying to hear over and over and over! Don't these hosts know how they sound when they keep repeating the same phrases. It's not cute or funny anymore.

I do like Albany's sense of style. She always looks well put together with her clothes, jewelry & accessories. I find myself sometimes just tuning in to see what she has on.

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My best guess is that the models are told when to come out, and if she had a wax buildup in her ears, she might not have heard the instructions??? {#emotions_dlg.crying}

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By Albany making that comment, it was just downright rude. The model, Colleen, was suppose to walk out and show off a pair of Vionic Orthaheel shoes. For some reason, she didn't hear her cue to walk out and when she did finally come out, she was walking fast then Albany said "maybe she has a earwax build up" referring to why Colleen missed her cue. I agree 100% about the comments and phrases because they do become a bit repetitive.

As far as her "sense of style" and "always looks well put together" I don't know, I thought the hosts have a stylist who dresses them for each show?

Another thing that bothers me is when a host interrupts their guest...repeatedly. I understand they have an earpiece in their ear and producers (or whoever) are speaking to them via the earpiece but a good host would wait until it is appropriate timing to relay messages not just blurt as soon as they hear it in their earpiece.