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It all depends on if you have great legs or not no matter what the age. 

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Re: Age and hemlines

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Yes, I think females should mind their hemline.  I was thinking along the same lines earlier looking at pictures from a college graduation.  There was a picture of a parent in a mini dress.  It wouldn't be good if she leaned over a little.  

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I am 50, run 100 miles a month and wear my hemlines wherever I want.  Life is to short to have the people around me dictatae what I should and should not wear. Know who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.


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@Havarti wrote:

I find knees & upper arms are areas that can really show age on some women.  When I watch Entertainment Tonight and see Nancy O'Dell in a short skirt/dress, I can hardly look at her because her knees have not aged well.  She is such a lovely lady, pretty in so many ways, and yet those knees make her look so inappropriately dressed.  This is not necessarily true for all women, but I would say most eventually have knees that detract from the beauty of the form of the female leg.  Take a good long look at yourself in these outfits - focus on your knees for a while - and see what your honest opinion is about whether they flatter you or not.  It is not really the chronological number of your age, but how your body changes that makes some outfits not as flattering as they once were.  JMHO

OMG!...I noticed that a while ago too and had to double and triple looks just to make sure those were actually her knees....definitely are not attractive.

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At 47, I was still wearing skirts and dresses a few inches above the knee. My legs have always been slim. Now at 66, I still can wear a dress above the knee but not 1 or 2 inches above. I know my limitations but I think anyone as young as you @Grouchomarx , should really just go by a mirror. 47 is still very young and you have years ahead of you before you should start worrying about your age being a factor in how you dress.....

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I really never see anyone wearing short hemlines anymore.  Not even the teens.  


I just bought my 14 year old granddaughter two dresses last week for upcoming occasions, and none of the dresses she tried on were short.  Most were about an inch or two at the most above her knees.


As long as you're comfortable and your booty is covered, I guess short hems are okay.


But, some women look ridiculous in short skirts even if they have nice legs. They look like they are trying too hard to look younger, and it's not working and isn't fashionable anymore.