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You could always start off with a small print or a more neutral color, like pink.

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I always wear dark classic pants too. I own dark hunter green, dark plum, black, brown and gray, navy and of course white for summer.

Once when much younger, I wore a beautiful pair of pastel pink pants to NYC. What a mistake. Men were yelling "Hey pink pants!" to me. Some were asking me out and bothering me and making me feel so uncomfortable. That cured me. I don't wear light colored pants anymore, except white.

Now at my age, I don't think I miss the light or bright colors at all. I can always wear a nice colored top instead.

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This past spring I went a little nutty, for me, and bought three pair of print (wild, insane colors) of palazzo pants from Amazon. Love them and have never gotten as many compliments as I have on these crazy pants! Go for it girl! The only color I personally dislike in a pant is solid red. Something about it seems so wrong - lol. And btw, I'm over 60 for whatever that's worth. Life is too short too stress about what we wear. Enjoy yourself! LuLu

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Buy a pair of jeans in a vibrant color and wear them on the weekends!

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I sure do understand your reluctance, I just bought a dark burgandy pant at Talbots and am considering returning them....just not sure what I will wear with them. Then I thought about the gray cashmere sweater I just bought when I got the pants, or maybe a black top,etc. So why am I reluctant to keep them?
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