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About being fat like me, not so much about fashion, though...

My surgery for uterine cancer is tomorrow.

I caught it early and I'm hoping the outcome will be good. After seeing my General Practitioner, Gynecologist, Oncologist and Hematologist this week, I have a couple of observations that I thought I'd pass along here:

1. Never miss your annual exams.

2. Always mention any unusual symptoms to your doctor. You know yourself a lot better than your doctor does.

3. Being fat can cause cancer. Four doctors told me that this week. I've never smoked or drank and I eat a healthy diet, but I'm currently 30 pounds overweight and I've been a lot more overweight than that in the past. Being fat is a risk factor for cancer. I need to lose weight to reduce my risk of having this happen again.

This is not about hating my thighs or butt or belly fat, it's about life and death.

That's all. I just thought I'd share. No replies necessary.

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