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I didn't want this to get lost in the other thread. 


Many here didn't like the buckle.  Others understand where Reba is from and some of her background.  But, there's more to the story than is just being a fashion statement.


According to the ProRodeo Hall of Fame & Museum of the American Cowboy:


"Who watched the Super Bowl yesterday?
Did you notice Reba McEntire's Buckle?
That is her father's World Champion Steer Roping Buckle! Clark McEntire was a 3 Time World Champion Steer Roper, and 1979 ProRodeo Hall of Fame Inductee.
50 years ago Reba was invited to the National Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City, to sing the National Anthem, this performance helped kick off Reba's amazing career.
And now in 2024, she sings the National Anthem at the 58th Super Bowl.
We are so happy to see Rodeo and her roots represented during such a big event!"
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@Icegoddess Liked her for years and figured it had some kind of meaning. Thanks for the info!

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Very interesting!  Many thanks.Smiley Happy

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Someone posted that in the other thread


I didn't see there where "many" didn't like the buckle. I thought it was interesting and looked quite cool with her outfit. Wearing things that belonged to her parents made the outfit special


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Interesting information. How would anyone have known.

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Re: About Reba's Buckle

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Thank you so much for posting this.  It does indeed explain and add context to that belt buckle.  I didn't mind it at all when I thought it was just an impressive fashion statement.  I thought it was cool.



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I think it's beautiful.


What did Reba McEntire's huge belt buckle say?

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What a sweet way to honor the memories of her mom and dad and include them in this wonderful moment in her life.Heart

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Thanks so much for posting that.  What a wonderful keepsake for her!

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I'm a big Reba fan. Good for her for honoring her Dad & her roots.