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I just love, love, love Alberti ❤️❤️🎅🏻🎄🤶🎄

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@BlueFinch , please accept my apologies. Haven't lived back east since I was a young child, so don't know that kind of cold.


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@hennypenny wrote:

I really have always enjoyed his presentations.

I am sick to death with pajamas and who wears a ski hat indoors with their pjs???????

@hennypenny  On winter days I usually wear a zip up sweatshirt inside. Many a time my hood has gone up to cover my head.

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Agreed!  I thought he was great and fit in so well.  He balanced the program.

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@hennypenny I'm not east, either. I'm in TX. I often see kids wearing shorts, with bare feet playing outside during the winter.  In our defense, we're unaccustomed to freezing weather here and when the northers hit us, we bundle up like folks up east. We're expecting high 70's tomorrow, but for Xmas, a norther rolls in with highs in the 50's/lows 30's. It's like you can never acclimate.  So, again, seeing Shawn wearing her knit cap indoors is me, a few times during the winter.  

@hennypenny wrote:

@BlueFinch , please accept my apologies. Haven't lived back east since I was a young child, so don't know that kind of cold.



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Alberti is a awesome host,handsome,knowledgeable about the product,love him!

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Me too. Have one on now Smiley Happy

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@hennypenny, I'm with you about the ski hats! To each her own though, and if it helps a person stay warm then good for them. I live in the cold midwest, and if I get cold I crank up the heat. I'm just not fond of wearing hats, especially indoors! The one you're referring to looks pretty strange IMO!

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I just mentioned in another thread how much I loved that he had a simple white shirt, pair of black pants and I had forgotten the scarf but he just looked so great after weeks of seeing people in their pajamas and other loungewear.

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When I started this thread, I thought of course, I wanted your comments. I was also disappointed because I doubt if the PTB would ever read these comments and realize Alberti should be given much more air time.


If they could clone him, I'd rather watch him 24/7 than the entire bunch put together.