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Re: A request about scented laundry products

I gon't get the snarky comments re: allergies to scent. Do people not think it's a real problem for some people? 


Regarding op's request regarding not washing w/ scented laundry detergent prior to returning, I get where that may be an issue for some if they washed an item expecting to wear it, then found they did not like it and sent it back to the Q. Pretty sure I wouldn't wash something twice before sending back.


I also know some folks wear an item then return it w/o washing it, and the next lucky person who receives the item may get a sweaty smell, perfume or cigarette smell on clothes. All of which is just gross, IMO. If paying regular price, it would go back. I have sent back such an item myself.


IMO, buying on-line can be a risky proposition and I try to reduce aggravations by purchasing items that can be returned or knowing I will eat the cost of my mistakes (ie., buying where returns are problematic).

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Re: A request about scented laundry products

KATE:   (forgot your nic numbers):


Re: Your husband........


Same thing happened to me, years ago, at a vacation house.  The owner had washed  sheets in the strongest detergent.


I ended up with a rash on my face, similar to rosecea (sp?).


That 'person' knew of my sensitivities, and I'm just wondering..........


From that time onward, I brought my own sheets and pillow cases. 

I honestly don't know why I didn't bring my own.......I guess I wasn't 'thinking straight'.


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Re: A request about scented laundry products

I understand your problem @Catstamper but think that since you are buying in the outlet store that you should monitor your purchases more closely or research removing odors to see if there is another alternative to try to remove fragrances.   

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Re: A request about scented laundry products

No one in my house has sensitivities to scented product. I like them. I’m not being inconsiderate when I use them, I like them and prefer to use them in my home. If im not affected by it, I don’t consider it in my every day life.

As far as being able to smell it outside of a banquet hall from a distance, that person is either hypersensitive or it was from something else. I sit 6 feet from my office mate all day. He doesn’t smell my fabric softener. I’ve asked.