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Believe me....they need the rest, mine run a marathon every day!

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I only wear a bra one day and then it gets washed in cold water / gentle and dried on low heat. Esp. since menopause I am too sweaty to wear something more than a day.

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I'm really bad because I wash all my clothes before I wear them the first time.


And I mean all my clothes.


Our clothes (DH) are washed after every wearing.

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Most of my bras are molded up underwire bras from Warners and Olga and I wear a 38D bra so I look for them on sale. In the summer when it's hot weather and I'm sweating, I can change my bra twice a day. When I wash them I use the cold water wash with the least amount of agitation as I have a front loader washing machine and I hang them up to dry as heat from a dryer will rot the latex/spandex in a bra and will wear it out quickly.


I also have some of the pullover exercise bras and the sizing is usually a 2X in the Rhonda Shear ones with removable pads or the Walmart George brand with removable pads that are about $12 each. I will wear one of these to bed but I take the pads out when I do. I will wear an exercise bra when I'm doing housework or gardening chores.

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I always rotate my bras. Not new to this girl.


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@Snowpuppy wrote:

For us D+ girls, I would say our bras get a good workout. 😆



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