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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 8/29

@lolakimono  I am still reading this discussion strand!


Sorry you have started the school year with impetigo... this is the condition the MD told me might happen with cystic acne...

Still I'm trying to ramp up the "natural life" foods and supplements for immunity.  Just stumbled AGAIN onto coconut oil and its uses.  Before this, I hadn't read all about the chemistry of it, which this time around, I'm paying attention due to the fact that "they" seem to know more.

I sure hope all of these woes you are having will be over soon...

This is too much to be dealing with in addition to teaching.


The rr situation can be a real impediment to learning.  I kept records concerning "who left when."  Only once did I need to use it in a parent conversation.  Guess what?  The parent did NOTHING and the student continued to not attend school/attend the rr instead of class.

My posts sometimes sound resentful... I'm not.  For each individual student, there were "at-home" reasons for these very extreme behaviors.  I would hear stories, tho, about how APs and other teachers would see same students "wandering the halls all day."  This meant they were "cutting class" most of every day!


I will be asking for more stories from you... thanks for sharing!  Always hate to post these on your Resolutions strand, b/c I don't want to "crash" the discussion.  Maybe it would be best to post updates here? (for everyone?) Heart

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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 8/29

@islandgrrl wrote:

@MaggieMack I hope I don't regret waiting for your review and others...I don't buy a lot of tops/jackets online because I am a medium who is a bit busty -- this often means sizing up in body skimming clothing. And given the click here measurements and numerical sizing, I'm not sure what to order. Please let me know what you think.  And, yes, zipped up is the way to wear this.  So cute on Michelle but then what doesn't look good on her? 

@islandgrrl, it's here!!! Oh, MY MY MY! This may be my favorite Gili top EVER! It is SO stretchy, definitely body con. The fabric is luscious. I am SO glad I sized up on this. I have ordered 2 and 4 in the Gili leather jackets in the past, but the click here sizing looked small so I went with a 6. I honestly think the 4 would have been too small. I don't think you can make a mistake by sizing up, even two sizes. I think an 8 would work for me, too. The charcoal with ivory is EXquisite. Can't wait to pair it with my gray and white snake print pencil skirt. Don't hesitate if you're still thinking about it!


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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 8/29

@MaggieMack Wow!!! I'm so happy that you love it! It was gorgeous on the screen. And I can't thank you enough for the sizing advice. I have no ego problem going up when needed. Fit is everything. Congratulations on a great purchase!

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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat- 8/29

I received my olive Lucky Brand boots - winner, winner chicken dinner!

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