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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat, 7:00 MON. 3/23

the TSV bracelet is actually nice



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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat, 7:00 MON. 3/23

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@lolakimono wrote:

@I am still oxox 

Yes- it is for COVID.

People like you and me, asthmatics who are cooped up, are in danger if the people we are cooped up with are carriers, or if they come down with it.  BF has woken up with sore throats, but he is new to allergy medicine, so it could be post nasal drip.  We are both allergic to cats, but since they have been Velcro kitties while at home, we are seeing more symptoms.  

@lolakimono   My daughter had a very bad sore throat, much worse (she said than when she has had strep) and it lasted for 12 days.  She also got laryngitis and she does not talk much or loud at all (like her daddy, very quiet, very private).  She saw several doctors and finally got tested and was negative for Covid-19.  Then she heard of others in their area having the same thing, so hopefully, BF has what she had and not the big deal Covid.


I have chronic asthmatic bronchitis and immunoglobulin deficiency (the ones I have are for respiratory and skin).  I do have lots of skin issues and have had (by biopsy) shingles twice on my face and once under my ribs.


My doctors tell me the flu shot does me no good since I do not make antibodies so I need to be extra careful and they have told me to stay home from November through March but that is impossible when you are the caregiver for a very sick spouse.