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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat, 7:00, 1/20

@lolakimono No, I thought it was here at the Q. That might explain why I couldn't find them😂. Yaaaay! I just found them, and really LIKE their website. Many, many thanks.!



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Re: A.M. Style Live Chat, 7:00, 1/20

I'll try it on again but I think the Vince Camuto black skirt is a no. It's a bit big in the waist (which will get worse with tights), not a thicker ponte like I thought it was. I want to like one so much that I'm not looking for a different one any time soon. Could get it taken in but I have to love it to do that.


I might order the $15 one from Marshalls and pay the ridiculous almost $9 shipping. The stores carry a few skirts, nothing I could wear. Sometimes the cheapest choice works the best for me.


If that doesn't work I GIVE UP. Should probably just give up now..

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