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I'm more 1953 than 2023

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I do love those dresses. They remind me of my mother. She looked so pretty in her coral shirtwaist dress!

My aunt wore them with a big wide brimmed straw hat.

My mother did wear pants sometimes (when we were sledding)!

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Just think of how far we've come.  Sad isn't it?  We have all sorts of innovations to make us seem smarter but we look a lot dumber.

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Well now...doesn't that just say it all right there. No words needed!


Love the dresses. 💕

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I wore those and looked like that in 1953!

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My mom didn't dress like that.  I think she maybe had two shirtwaist dresses.  She was either more dressed up in a suit or another style of dress, or was in pants or shorts otherwise.  No t-shirt ever in her life. 


She was "a WAC who wore slacks!"

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Pretty sure the people on the right are kids.

The people on the left may look pristine, but they hid a dark underbelly. 1953 was not good to people who were different than the cultural "ideal" represented on the left. Good riddance to the fakery and bigotry of those days.

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I know a lot of young women and none of them wear clothing like that 2023 photo. A lot of them wear athleisure wear and leggings with cute tops. 

I was born in 1953. My mom didn't wear shirtwaist dresses. She wore shorts and pedal pushers in the summer and pencil skirts with a sweater in the Winter...first on the block to wear pants too. She was a real fashion plate,🥰