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24/7 Pants but I need belt loops

Does anyone have any ideas....

I ordered A220443 - Isaac Regular 24/7 Stretch Ankle Pants and I LOVE the colors and the pants did fit me BUT....I am a pear shaped lady so my waist is 13 inches smaller than my hips so the pants are falling down in the waist too much for me to KEEP THEM. I am wearing a tunic top and I am still pulling up and the pants is handing down.

I need belt loops and I wish these pants had them.

I was going to have the seamstress add belt loops but I remember doing that in the past on a pair of pants and the fabric did not match and it looked so tacky and the belt snug in passing through the loops. I was just a mess.

Any suggestions, and I pray that the Isaac team considers making this pants with belt loops. Their is a 24/7 pants with belt loops but it DOES NOT come in the nice summer colors.