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Re: 2022 Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

@Chi-town girl Too hard to read your post. Hows about listing them?

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Re: 2022 Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

Well as a plus size gal I never worry about or seek to follow trends since plus fashion is two years behind mainstream fashion. It'll still be big florals, large geometric prints, and ripped denim for a while! Smiley LOL

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Re: 2022 Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

@Chi-town girl wrote:

@wilma wrote:

At my age I've seen just about every trend come, go, and come back again in some iteration.


My style is fairly classic so any extreme takes on trends just aren't my style. 


I always wear leather pieces in cooler weather, but I won't be dressing in it head to toe like a biker. I wear my leather jackets with jeans, tailored trousers, dresses, and skirts. I don't mind a bit of glamour and sparkle. I own a couple of pieces with subtle embellishments, but I wouldn't wear an item completely covered in them. 

I will not be wearing over the knee boots, catsuits, punk looks, or anything super oversized. Just not my style. 

@wilma - a person can adopt or add a trend without 'going to extreme'...whatever that means.

Just bc 'biker' or 'punk' is trending does not mean a person styles an outfit in it from head to toe..we're you just joking? 


I have a flair for styling and incorporating trends utilizing my existing wardrobe and selectively buying something new like an accessory or boots. And I don't look like I'm wearing a 'costume'. I dress in a contemporary manner


Sometimes in your posts, you come across as a bit snooty and condescending as it pertains to styles that are not 'classic'. 

@Chi-town girl Please post a picture of yourself. Would love to see how you have styled an outfit incorporating your leather pieces. Do you think you will be buying an over the knee boot this fall season? I like the ones you posted. BTW, is there a style of dressing that is outside your comfort zone?

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Re: 2022 Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

@LuvSoCal - I will certainly share my stying preferences and tips. 

As it pertains to leather and suede, I typically only wear one piece (garment) - it can be a top or skirt or pants or jacket/topper. And accessories, shoes, boots that coordinate with the outfit -- that will vary depending on where I'm going/doing. 


I only wear what I love and what I feel is flattering to me, the rest I leave for others. 

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Re: 2022 Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

@Chi-town girl 

I'm sorry my post offended you. That was not my intent. Wishing you the best.