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Re: 2021 ACM Awards Fashionw

wow, quite the mixed bag of looks there.  there were quite a few that were real stinkers IMO.  i guess that's what you get from "artists" , and people who rely too much to their stylists.

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Kimberly Schlapman-oh dear



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@Greeneyedlady21 wrote:

Kimberly Schlapman-oh dear



Quarantine craft project?

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Re: 2021 ACM Awards Fashion

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Maren Morris is so beautiful, she reminds me so much of Khloe Kardashian.......

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image (4).jpeg

This is about the only one I like too but without that tiresome one leg split! That has been done ever since Jlo did it years ago. Then they have to make sure they stand like that most of the evening to make sure everyone sees their leg.

And really, that open dress down the middle-I don't know why in the world they keep doing that. I don't think even if someone is gorgeous, it is not flattering at all.

Oh well, I'm not at the awards shows

so I'm sure they don't care.

And Maren Morris, I was hoping it would all stay together. 



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Aside from Carrie Underwood.........who ARE these people?

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Cece Winans dress was beautiful.
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Ingress Andress looks like she's wearing a bikini bought at an inexpensive beach shop.  The pics won't copy.

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i almost didn't recognize Kelsea.  hope its temporary.

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I'm not impressed with this lineup of fashion.