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Thank you muttmom, now I can buy more Perlier!

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AMEN to that Tinkrbl44!!!

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Re: 20% off coupon at HSN

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@muttmom wrote:

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Whatever you choose just make sure the 20% is equal to $20 or less as that's the limit.  Also, it can't be used on the Today's Special, Clearance items, Samsung, Dyson, electronics or gaming and more. Also, it's good for two days so don't wait too long.


It's not that it isn't a nice gesture, it's just not too impressive. I did like the gift cards that QVC offered last year which was buy $100 and get $25. There didn't seem to be restrictions on what you could spend the $ on. 

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I have been buying all of my Christmas presents from Hsn !

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just get gifthappy

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go to ebates