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I don't know what qvc was like 20-30 yrs ago & I am all about "changing with the times", staying relevant & I actually do like the fun "hanging w/the girls" type atmosphere of some of the shows on qvc. BUT there is a difference between being fun & being nonsensical & some qvc hosts on Monday nights cross that line with the manic behavior & FAKE hysterical laughing. Courtney Khondabi is fun. And there is something to be said for staying true to a basic formula that made a company successful. All that being said, the $130 joggers (a375133) are seemingly WAY over priced & in my opinion look very unappealing. I would pay $130 for joggers if they looked cute & high quality. These kinda looked homemade to me.
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I don't know what these joggers look like but if I loved them, knew I'd use them and they were comfy then I'd have no problem spending $130. There's nothing like being utterly comfortable when exercising. 

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Re: $130 joggers?

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I'm guessing the high content of lyocell in them is expensive, As described on Google, it's: Soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Lyocell has an extremely smooth, soft surface that drapes beautifully to flatter every figure. Lyocell's smooth fiber surface feels soft and supple against the skin and its incredible wicking abilities keep the skin dry, making lyocell a great fabric for sensitive skin. Also not prone to wrinkling, like other forms of rayon. (seems like tencel, another expensive fiber that feels extremely soft and smooth.)

So...IF you're the lady who wants a "higher end", more fashion, less "workout" or athleisure jogger, these are probably nice. Given that, not sure how much the retail price point reflects the marketing assets, where it's sourced & mfrd., or the actual quality...probably a little of all that.. ie..Not sure they are actually worth the $130 markup! Not for everyone, but if they fit beautifully and are a great quality fabric, possibly for the woman who is going to live in them as a fashion statement.

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@just wonder  In a word, INSANE.  I laughed outloud when I saw this.


Who makes or decides on the prices for items especially the clothes on this site? When you hear chatter by the 'designers' here when they're on showing/selling their stuff, they sometimes make comments on the prices when they go on sale, are marked down for clearance etc as if "oh my, what a bargain". So I'm not sure if they get involved in the pricing of their goods or not. If they do not, and/or are not consulted on how much they think their goods should sell for, then it would follow that the folks who work for qvc decide on the prices.


Do the staffers here do research on prices in B&M to determine the prices of goods here? Do they at all even think the prices here are competitive with B&M price points? I mean seriously, they have lost their minds if this is the case.


Prices here YEARS ago were very competitive w/B&M but they certainly are not now nor have they been for years. I suupose staffers here think even with easy pay and occasional free s/h makes their HIGH prices more appealing to us or help us out buying here. This is not ata ll true.


There is not one so-called designer here who brings goods like clothes for instance that are different, nicer, better made, better fabrics, great styles that render the insanely high prices plus s/h plus tax on what they bring here to sell. Anyting sold here we can find in B&M for 1/4 of the prices. Prices here all for the sake of convenience of not driving to a B&M does not at all make up for getting in our car and driving somewhere.


Selling joggers for $130.00 plus s/h plus tax by no means makes up for driving and supporting our local B&M stores - and these joggers are ONLY ONE item for example.

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You're joking aren't you?????????????????????????? @ECBG 

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I guess it's just something for everyone.   To each his own but I do somewaht agree, the pricing on some lines is ridculous.  For example for me Peace Love World........I wouldn't be caught dead in those clothes, and the pricing, forget about it!

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I myself like that QVC offers things for everyone at different price points.   I myself really like the brand of the  joggers.  I have a few pieces that I wear all the time.  The material is so soft and light weight.  

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Maybe they’re just not for you?
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I'm not exactly sure which joggers you are talking about but I suspect they are the brand Splendid?  There are also joggers more expensive than that being sold on QVC that are 100% cashmere and I believe Side Stitch joggers are more expensive as well.


Sometimes i wonder if anyone gets out into retail stores.  Splendid is available outside of QVC and those joggers are $30.00 more on their own website.  


I wouldn't spend that on joggers but I wouldn't spend $13.00 on joggers because I don't like them.  But there are joggers at all price points on QVC.  Buy what you want to buy or buy nothing if you find it all too much.  

There are clothes that are a heck of a lot more expensive out in retail than what QVC sells and there are clothes that are a heck of a lot cheaper out in retail.  And some things you can find on sale elsewhere for cheaper than the item is being sold for on QVC.  But just because you are I or anyone else thinks that is too much money for joggers doesn't mean others feel the same way.  I have a relative who wouldn't give a thought to spending $130.00 on a pair of joggers and has.  She can afford it.  It's her money and not my business.  

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Personally I don't buy any of these high end lines.  I can see why they no longer chose to compete with Walmart, but there's a sweet spot somewhere in the middle.  When those came on I switched channels and didn't go back