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@KingstonsMom wrote:

I bought several pair of Cuddle Duds fleece lounge pants and matching fleece crew neck tops (with the thumb holes!) at Walmart this weekend for $9.84 each.


So soft, cozy and warm! I got grey and black, but they had white and some in patterns too.


I almost spewed my coffee all over my laptop when I saw those for $106 PLUS s&h and tax!


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Purchased several Cuddle Duds few years ago! From JC Penny's. Different fabrications, Each item has served me well! Great! Brand.
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I bought 2 pr of GREAT lounge pants at my fav Aldi's store on Saturday for $8.00 each!!!!  Have a pr on right now in navy.  Soft, cozy, warm, fit great, look great. 


All for $8.00!!!!!  For $106 I could OWN the store!!!!!

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@3suwm5   Yeah like they wear 'bulky' stuff like what this brand sells in 80degree sunny warm California.  Convince me.

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@vickie25  Not insulting at all - I know this fabric they use for barefoot dreams wear.  My $8 lounge pants from Aldi's is lined with exactly the same fabric.  Still warm, still chic.

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@PINKdogWOOD wrote:

@3suwm5   Yeah like they wear 'bulky' stuff like what this brand sells in 80degree sunny warm California.  Convince me.




today it is supposed to be a high of 67 and a low of 48 in the carlsbad area. why wouldnt someone want these lounge pants? they are an EXCELLENT quality and very comfortable. to each his own.....i find the brand to be outstanding in design and quality.

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I had to go look up what you all are talking about. I don't wear sweat pants. Matters not to me how cheap or expensive they are, or who makes them. I don't wear them. That price seems ridiculous to me, but, to each their own.

"To each their own, in all things".
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Re: $106??????????

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@mPinkDogwood wrote:

@3suwm5   Yeah like they wear 'bulky' stuff like what this brand sells in 80degree sunny warm California.  Convince me.


I am in NorCal and it gets pretty cool. This morning it is 39 degrees.  I personally like this line and all of CA is not warm always.  When I go to the city (San Francisco) this line is a welcome addition to my wardrobe, it can get chilly there.




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Ugh!!!!!  Frustrating to have to change the channel when these overpriced products take up so much time on QVC. 

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@Tanzanite10 better not bother to watch the rest of the day.

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First of all, I always am puzzled at why people care about what other people pay for stuff?  How does that affect you and WHY do you make assumptions about it?


It's like people always talk about how they get groceries so cheap at Aldi's.  In the next breath they tell you about all the stuff they bought and possibly didn't need or use at Aldi's that are non-groceries.


They talk about how they could never afford to buy groceries at Whole Foods.  Well, what if you went to WF and bought JUST the groceries you need, no convenience foods, and no extra items?


So what we are talking about here is different needs, incomes, wants and lifestyle.  I don't get why that is a surprise to anyone that not EVERYONE values or buys the same things, or has a set amount of money to spend.  


It's sometimes like they are trying to shame others. . . not all but some posts I read.  Don't see the point in that.