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I would pay that much for a pair of pants that are comfy, look good and would last longer than a cheaper disposable pair that I would only wear to schlep  around the house but would never pay way over a hundred dollars for a bag/purse to carry my stuff in.  Each person has things they would spend a lot on and what they think is just a ridiculous amount  to pay for something. 

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Promptly returned my only purchase from this line. It did not feel or look good for any price
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Now if these lounge pants had side pockets I'd buy them in a hot second!! Woman Happy

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I like the cardigan and pants but I would feel guilty spending full price for both.  Cheapness wins in my case.


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Can't take this vendor, along with host that kicked off the TSV.  Both frantic.

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Pook, I'm just the opposite.  Will spend a little more on a handbag and not so much on lounging pants.  All good.  Smiley Wink

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I bought several pair of Cuddle Duds fleece lounge pants and matching fleece crew neck tops (with the thumb holes!) at Walmart this weekend for $9.84 each.


So soft, cozy and warm! I got grey and black, but they had white and some in patterns too.


I almost spewed my coffee all over my laptop when I saw those for $106 PLUS s&h and tax!


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That is quite steep for what you are getting. I remember paying a whopping $115 for my first pair of leather pants years ago, but knew they were worth it.

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I don't personally know anyone wealthy enough to indulge in sweatpants that expensive.