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WTH! $106 for a pair of lounge pants????? LMAO! Best joke I've seen on the Q in some time. Wow. I bought my best pair of lounge pants for $5! And they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I cannot afford these prices at all.  I guess I don't get it.

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I'm sure it all feels lovely but with the exception of the shawl that they're showing now the pieces all look like loungewear to me. Not something you wear out and about.
I think the price of the TSV is reasonable but I'm just not a cardigan person
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The pants have GOT to be a joke.  At least you get plenty of fabric with that inseam.  Hee,hee.

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That is a lot of money for lounge pants. The tsv seems reasonable ; but I will pass , that cascade front does not flatter me .
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...but, but, but, all the movie stars wear it!

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I just don't understand the hype about this line. Just because movie stars wear it does not mean it suits my lifestyle.The material is soft but that is all. I tried one on at Nordstom's but it was two tone and $92. I am petite and it did nothing for me except adding girth to my figure. I wear a petite size 8. Also, it almost hung to the floor. At this time of the year, you can not wear this outside unless you want to freeze. Where I live it is 30 degrees and by the end of the week it is suppose to be 19 degrees.

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I think we've talked about this line here before.  I know there are people who have some pieces and just love it.  I say, good, I'm happy to hear that.


For me, I would not purchase this line.  It looks too casual and sloppy for that kind of price tag.  I don't really like the look for any price.

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I own this in the cocoa and just ordered in the sand color, from Amazon.  Yes, I would have liked them for a cheaper price, but it's insulting to compare them to a $5 pair of pants.  I have spent $8 on what I would call "lounge" pants, from Walmart. And I would never wear them out of the house.  I knew I was getting cheap fabric, but for watching TV, this was ok.  These Barefoot Dream lounge pants are a substantial fabric, extremely soft, and very much wearable outside the home.


Everyone has different price points they feel comfortable spending.  This was a considered purchase and I am very satisfied with the quality.  I just won't be buying a dozen of them.

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Re: $106??????????

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QVC Customers are from various backgrounds incomes. If you rather not watch or purchase then don't. I'm not sure why upset? Qvc has something for everyone, Example, SG huge customer base. Read often many think her line as well LG overpriced. Now that may well be for that individual, Yet! Both! Sell millions, If that wasn't the case, Both lines would be gone. Sales mean profit! QVC knows this.