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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

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Thank you all for your ideas/suggestions! 

Separates are pretty much my entire wardrobe.  Wearing a topper of any sort over a black top and black bottoms (or white or any other color) is...predictable, and I wanted something different.  Shopping for a jumpsuit was no trouble at all; in fact, it was fun!  This jumpsuit flows fairly well over my lumps and bumps, too...a bonus!
I don't have the dreaded bathroom problem with this jumpsuit.  I never, ever pass up an opportunity to use the ladies' room, so I'm never rushing toward one while trying to get out of my clothes hahaha. 
I tested this one, too @sunshine45's stretchy enough that I just have to remove the topper, pull the back zipper down a bit, and pull it down.  No problem.  (Might be a different story five years from now!)
And, I'm shopping my closet for outfit ideas...after my Epic Purge, I have no desire to go back to buying pieces or shoes or bags or whatever that I don't need to make one outfit.  I knew I had several options to go with the jumpsuit already in my closet, but it was a matter of which pieces and which way to style them.  That's why I asked y'all for some ideas!  (@moonandthestars , appreciate your IM suggestions...will keep my eye open for a shrug or cropped cardigan when I'm thrifting.)
Plus, the darned thing was $6.50!  Even if I got it home and hated it, I spent less than the $10 QVC try-on fee!
I agree with those who said that the buttoned blouses are hiding the jumpsuit (hello?  MacDuff!  DU-UH!!)... @DiAnne  is right, what's the point?
This blouse really is beautiful...a little bit boho and very feminine.  Here's a pic of Outfit #1 with the blouse unbuttoned...
I like it, but don't love it.  I agree that it doesn't look great with black (sheer over black).  I prefer this blouse with a white tank underneath and a pair of jeans.  
I was a little surprised that no one suggested a jean jacket, but I don't own one anyway.  Even though I think a jean jacket is...predictable, if I find one on the secondary market, I'll try it.
Outfit # 3 is the one I agree looks like a blouse with a pair of black pants.  This is my least favorite, and I won't wear this look with the jumpsuit (but may try it with my AG Harpers).
My favorite of the original three is Outfit #2, but I agree that the soft colors with black isn't ideal, although I have no idea why...just something "off" about it. 
While I love black and white (and have a white linen blouse I'll wear with the jumpsuit), I also love color.  The outfit #2 idea needed a bolder color, and I think it made all the difference.  Aqua eyelet Foxcroft blouse (from Nordstrom) and thrifted Lauren Birch canvas tote...I love this! 
Outfit #4...
So that leaves me with what to do for an option.  Since Outfit #4 is a little dressy, I wanted a more casual option, which I think Outfit #5 is, and I can't wait to wear it.   
It's "adorable" according to Handsome (my husband)...he liked it with the silver Converse Chucks (shown), but I like it with my less clunky Jacks. 
The white v-neck tee is a thrifted Chico's and is the most fitted top in my closet.  The earrings are black/white plastic, thrifted.
I really didn't think this would work, but the tee smoothed out my lumps/bumps and minimized the muffin top.  What would be ideal would be a red and white striped elbow or 3/4 length sleeved skinny tee.  Thank you for the idea @Foxxee !!!
Outfit #5...
What do you think of Outfits 4 and 5?
Many, many thanks for helping me think this through and visualize a couple of outfits that suit my lifestyle and didn't cost me an arm and a leg!!
@Teddixat   hahaha!  Right?
ETA:  @Thats Me  Just saw your comment...thank you, especially for understanding about the arms!
@haddon9    @Jackson7   @Faimom    @author 
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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

Outfit number 5 looks great!

That's a winner!

I love the color of #4 but don't like it tied so much.

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...



You look very nice in #5.    



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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

@MacDUFF @Gosh for some reason I didn't see all the other looks when I commented before. But I do think the tee underneath looks terrific! So while I like all of the looks, including the sleeveless look! (you look like a model), my favorite is #5.


What a steal, $6.50! Enjoy.


I love the embroidered blouse that's kind of gossamer. It's just beautiful.

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

@MacDUFF  Love #5  @Foxxee is a genius!  Really that was a great styling suggestion.  And you did it well.  

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

Well aren't you cute.  I love all the looksSmiley Happy

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

I agree with the other posters that have suggested wearing the blouses open like jackets. I have a number of jumpsuits and wear them with open blouses, jackets, scarf tops, and dusters. It is very hot here in Arizona so everything I wear to cover my arms is light weight. I think all of your choices are stylish and flattering. Where what is comfortable for you.Smiley Happy

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

How fun is this! I feel like a personal stylist. ha! 

#4 aqua - Yes, Yes, Yes!!! The color is fab (and goes with the feel of the black), the pointed collar and folded sleeves goes with the v in the jumpsuit and the structured bag also goes with the 'feel'. 

#5 - Almost there. I like the top being underneath but there's a lot going on w the necklaces, sunglasses, earrings and hat. What's that adage to always remove something? Anyway, like I said before, the grayness of the hat is 'off' for me (think color families - tints, tones, shades, hues - and don't mix them). 

If you want to understand why things work and others don't - look into dressing your truth. It explains different style elements - color, pattern, texture, design line, etc. It's a money and space saver since you know everything will go with everything else. 

Anyway - thanks again for letting me play. =)

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

All the looks are nice and you look great in them.  My only suggestion is that #3 looks too much like black pants and a top so I'd probably forego the jumpsuit and just wear black pants instead. I also like the suggestion to wear the toppers/blouses open so that you can actually see it is a jumpsuit.

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Re: 1 Jumpsuit/3 Outfits...your opinions...

OK really like 4 and 5.  Beautiful shade of blue and prefer to white shirts.  Really like with shirt under jumpsuit as well and agree shirt with stripes would be perfect.  Great job shopping your closet.  Great reminder to switch our pieces up a bit, not always wear same way.