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Re: questions for apple ipad

On 10/2/2014 ChynnaBlue said:

Apple's next product launch will be Oct 21 and they are expected to launch a new iPad. That means the price of the older models will go down or be on sale in many places. I would not buy an iPad until Apple makes their announcement.

QVC usually puts the iPad in a bundle set and charges quite a bit more than the Apple store does. You might want to check out the Apple store, which offers financing. At the very least, check the QVC prices against those of the Apple store before you purchase.

QVC many times charges hundreds of dollars more for an iPad with some cheap accessories you can buy at Amazon. The best place to buy a pad is Apple's site or store. if you have any questions here is Apple's contact info. 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753).

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Re: questions for apple ipad

On 10/2/2014 bequeen said:

thank you everyone for all your tips and information what is the new version that is comming out and when i would like to get it soon im also buying for my son so he can use it for his homework to.

Apple announces on October 21, so check the news then. Until then, anything you hear is people guessing.

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Re: questions for apple ipad

Costco now sells iPhones and iPads so if you are a member there you can check into their deals. Even if the price is the same you can build up you reward points (depending on your type of membership.) And I'm sure you get Costco's lenient return policy. And you can always go to an Apple Store with your Apple devices and get help, take classes, etc. no matter where you purchased them.

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Re: questions for apple ipad

I got a reconditioned iPad2 from the Apple Store that's 64gb for a great price. It's been going strong for 3 years.
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Re: questions for apple ipad

I would buy from Apple or reliable reseller. Apple controls the pricing of it's products so the only way for QVC or other shopping networks to charge extra is to tack on extras that we may not want or need. I really use my iPad. Love it!
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Re: questions for apple ipad

I just bought an IPad mini at Walmart It is a 16 with WiFi. The online price was $199 So, the prices are definitely coming down.