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Re: iPad Pro Air Virtual Keyboard ‘sticking’

@gardenman wrote:

Updating devices for safety reasons is good, but I've found that the updated software often inserts bugs in older devices (phones and tablets in particular) slowing them down and making them sluggish or less responsive. I'm not sure this isn't at least somewhat planned on the part of the makers to encourage people to buy new. 


Files sizes on operating systems have grown like crazy. Windows 95 was all of 404 MBs. Windows 11 is around 32 GBs. That's 63 times bigger.  


Resetting it to original factory specs with the original operating system would likely restore full function, but once updated again, you will likely be right back to where you are now. 

I respectfully disagree.  I've had the opposite outcome when restoring a computer.  It not only gets rid of problems, it can also allow an update to install smoothly and the device works much better.  It's free to do and worth a try before spending anywhere from $500-$1000 for a new device you may not need. 

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Re: iPad Pro Air Virtual Keyboard ‘sticking’

Thank you all for your suggestions. I don't think I am brave enough to go back to factory settings on my own lol. Today it is working ok, did this once before. Now that I am typing this, it seems to be slowing up a bit lol. Will see how it goes. Just got a new Smart Tv, and spent all day trying to get it working with my regular cable tv, so am all teched out right now! Always appreciate the help I get on this forum . Thanks again, Susi!