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I can't get into my Yahoo email. When I click on my mail on home page, a small line comes on that says sign in. When I click on that I get an AT & T ad and it won't let me get in to my Yahoo email. I have a couple of very sharp people who have looked at it and tried everything and haven't been able to solve this. I have a MacBook Air.

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Same here.  Lots of problems with yahoo mail these days.  I have become so frustrated, more so with my HP,, that I am using my tablet.  I could not get my mail for days.

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Re: Yahoo emaill

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I just got into mine via an HP laptop with no problems. Sorry you are having issues.

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I have yahoo mail on my desktop, laptop, iPad and phone and I have no problems. Are you running the most up to date version?

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Have not had an issue with Yahoo mail in a whole

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Are you having trouble getting in to it directly from the Yahoo website, or through the mail application on your MacBook? I had trouble recently with my password being rejected when connecting to mail through the mail apps on my MacBook. Yahoo doesn't like to play nice with it for some reason. I finally changed my password (which it was time to do anyway) through the Yahoo website, re-entered the new password on my Apple devices and it reconnected. 


I also found out through the Apple user support forums (on the Apple website) that it's more reliable to use iMap setup rather than POP setup. You can find directions on how to do that in those forums. 

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Unbelievable. My DIL just clicked on the mail icon on my homepage and it was all normal. I have tried that first everyday for 4 days and nothing. Thanks for all your responses.

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Glad to see you were able to get into your email. It's been acting up for me for the past week or so on both of my computers. I have the login page bookmarked so I can go right to it. Since it's been acting up, I never know when I go there if I will be able to log in as normal or if it's going to take me to a different login page where I have to put my info in again. I don't have any issue getting to my email, just have to sometimes take this extra step. Right now, all is normal again. I have a gmail account--think I should start using just it and say goodbye to Yahoo.

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I don't have an issue signing in, but I have all these extra check boxes, none of which work.

If I want to delete an email, I have to open it first.

Very annoying!