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Re: WHAT? WHERE"S MY Internet connection?

@dgluvr wrote:

-I guess I should have been clear that I was not just "un-plugging - then plugging it in again but since I said I was going to" act like it was right out of the box"- I assumed it was obvious I was going to do what you explained more clearly- perhaps someone else who might have this problem may have been confused- and you clarified it for them.Since I am not a professional tech (in which case I would prob be able to fix this without asking  on a forum--- may I ask if you are since you seem to be knowledgeable and i see your posts quite often. I must say I felt chastised for not knowing the "correct" explanations and explained the best I could. You DID seem to understand despite this and I appreciate the reply. 



I'm trying to help you although I doubt you see it.  Asking the right questions and using the right terms are critical to finding the right answers or solutions.  I know you aren't tech savvy and I'm not trying to chastise you.  At this point I think the best thing for you to do is to reset your router to the factory settings and start over.  During setup, use the same wireless network name and security number and you won't have to reconnect your devices.