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Virgin Mobile Android customers - no more new phones

They'll continue to support Android users. However, if you want a new upgraded phone you'll have to either switch to Boost Mobile or shop for another service. Disappointed, I've been with Virgin Mobile for about 10 years. Not sure who I'll go with. I'll decide when I'm ready for a new phone.

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Re: Virgin Mobile Android customers - no more new phones

The next time QVC, HSN or Evine has a special on a Tracfone, you may consider switching to one of those.  It's pay-as-you-go, but they give you a lot of text-data-talk minutes that are good for a year when you buy the phone (either an LG or a Samsung).  With the LG phones, it's usually between $80-$100 total.  Lots of people who have been with Tracfone for a number of years never even have to buy more minutes throughout the year.....they just buy a new phone when the next special comes out and transfer their minutes and phone number.

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Re: Virgin Mobile Android customers - no more new phones




My wife has had a prepaid monthly plan with Boost Mobile for about 2 years now. Her Samsung J7 had "iffy" connections on occasion. She now has a Samsung S8 and it has been flawless. I am almost shocked at the difference of the audio quality when talking with her, even over speaker phone.


She has the cheapest Data Plan, which I believe is 1g, and text and talk is unlimited. Think with auto-pay it is $30+ tax per month. She is very happy with Boost, especially now with her S8.