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II had an issue the other day using Chrome on my computer, but after retrying a couple times it went thru.

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Now that Verizon owns Tracfone.I hope we won't need a month to month contract type service.


I buy a 1 year card every year hardly use it.

I have over 8,000 text messages to use with all the roll overs.


I rarely have issues with live CS reps.

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Re: Tracfone website

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I have a mac 27" with Firefox browser and the Tracfone account will not work. Works to a point, then, I get this Alert that my order can not be processed at this time. I have used this account for years but the website recently changed and now, I can no longer complete an order. I have three accounts and seven phones.

I have rebooted and reset everything that I know, but nothing improves the situation. I tried another 27" mac that I own, it will not work either.

Being desparate I went online and bought minutes outside of my account. I dont like doing that. Then I remembered the 611611 thing. Text Balance for balance. Text Refill to refill, etc.  That worked for adding data and texts. But then I needed minutes, thats when I received a link That worked great on my phone but would not work on my macs. I could access all of my accounts and ballances on my phone!

I was set, so today, I decided to try to log into my account on a PC that I own and it uses Windows 7. Worked perfectly, no problems.

So with the PC and the cellphone, I have lots of minutes and data now and a happy camper.

If anyone can break the code on making my mac work, I would appreciate it.

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@Wanda Race try a different browser on your Mac like Safari or Chrome.  What year is your Mac?