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Re: Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Luna Pro problem--Pictures

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Hi again @susankay,


My wife uses Sprint Pre-paid monthly service for her Samsung Galaxy S8. Think it is unlimited talk and text and 2gb of data for $35+tax per month.


I have checked her "data used" per month several times and I have yet to see her use even 500mb, which is not even half of the 1024mg which equal the 1gb level. That tells me that very little of what she does(I won't even guess the number of texts) and the many live animal video sources she watches on a daily basis(data), or the amount of shopping she looks at on the internet(data) every single day.


My Samsung Luna(not the Pro model) shows how much data I have used per month with TracFone, which is zero, I would hope that is available on your newer Pro model. Mine also shows what wifi number I am connected to(I have used my cell phone at the hospital for Iron Infusions) to call my wife, and check my remaining minutes, that also shows data and texts. 


Seems like you may be using your data from Tracfone when maybe wifi is available, as my wife travels a lot in our city, and also transports homeless Boxers(canines) to 5 different states quite often. As I mentioned earlier, she has yet to use even 500mb of data in 1 month, thus she is connecting with wifi in most of her many locations.


Just some info you may not know, or find useful in the future. Hope you got what you need to be able to view your text photos and/or videos now.





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Re: Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Luna Pro problem--Pictures

@hckynut@x Hedge, yes I definitely will be making sure that the data is off when I am close to wifi.  That was the problem.  Luckily, it was a cheap fix, but a very frustrating one dealing with CS at Tracfone.  Again, I'm glad that I came to the boards where I got the information that I needed.  Have had a number of tracfones over the years, and would you believe, I've never been at zero minutes for data, texting, or talking.