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This is probably a silly question, but if you have a trac fone now and buy the TSV upgrade, how do you transfer the photos on your current phone to your new one?

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unless you have a micro chip card I don't think you can' unless you have separate phone numbers and then send all your old photos via text messaging to your new phone.

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I always enjoy watching the live presentations of tracfone. It's like they are presenting the pencil as the latest and greatest.
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That depends on the abilities of your present phone. Unless it has some type of memory card or is wi-fi/bluetooth capable/or has a USB/MicroUSB output, I have no idea how you can get them from one phone to the other.

I can tell you that you can transfer the photo's to your computer and if the "new phone" has the wi-fi capabilities you should be able to get them onto your phone using that method. Not quite sure why someone would rather have photo's on their phone than on their computer hard drive/CD/ or DVD, but to each their own.

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You could e mail them to yourself from your old phone and then you would still have them.Otherwise I just don't know.

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That's why I kept the old one, took the minutes and tossed the new one.
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