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Reaching out to those who understand these things.  Does a sound bar bypass the TV speakers when it is hooked up or is it in addition to.  The reason I ask is because my speakers are sounding tinny and a bit muffled.  Could I just use the speakers in the sound bar and turn off the TV speakers?




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Not an electronic techie person, however we have a Bose sound bar on our TV and it has made a world of difference.   On the TV menu my DH was able to shut off the speakers and we have a remote for the sound bar.  It works well, sorry I cannot give you instructions but I am sure it's easy enough and you can find it on You Tube also.

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Yes, turn off your TV speakers and only use the sound bar.

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This depends on the options of hookup available on the sources you wish to output the sound. Having set up many  many home theaters, available sound Outputs and Inputs, give setup options.


On our present Dolby Surround TV set, which is connected to 3 different Output Devices, I can choose to leave my TV speakers, On or Off, when using my 7 speaker/2 subwoofer Audio Receiver.  Since I do have a "controllable" Center Channel Speaker, I can lower or increase the "Dialogue " volume to match the sound of the source being watched/heard.


The easiest is to hook up the soundbar and see if you have an option to use only the soundbar, or the ability to use both. Without a "descrete Center Channel", you might get truer sound using both, if they work independently of each other.


With our simpler bedroom simulated surround sound speakers, there are no options. You either listen through the sound bar, or through the TV set. There is only a TV Speaker ON/OFF choice.


I am an audio purist, so I want true/real audio sound, not simulated sound, of any kind.



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