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Re: 📺 TV Antenna news for 2020 📺

Best thing I ever did was dump cable.  I thought I'd buy a streaming service but first I bought a $12 antenna and I'm completely satisfied with it.  I didn't affix my antenna to a specific spot because by moving it to about 3 different positions I get different channels.  Every time you move your antenna you have to rescan which takes about a minute. 

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Re: 📺 TV Antenna news for 2020 📺

@Mz iMac wrote:

I thought the article was rather interesting as I plan on cutting the cord (sort of) November of 2020.  That is when my triple play bundle 2 yr contract w/Verizon FIOS ends.


I was researching the 2020 updated HD antenna +130 stations no weather disruptions.  Not sure if I am going the antenna route or reduce my cable "tv" to the custom package which is far cheaper than what I currently have.  I am definetely keeping internet & phone which is FREE.  Never a phone bill as I have a landline.

By using the links mentioned in the article I tested what stations I can get w/the antenna I researched.  Because I live in a high rise & a tri-state, I will be able to get over 130 stations across 3 states.


Lucky for me I can continue my research for the next several months.  I already have a fire stick 2nd gen which is still in its box.  So I am half way there at least. Smiley Tongue



wow 130 stations!  I get 34.