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Re: Suggestions please for a good AM-FM Radio

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@SouthernBee wrote:

@ValuSkr : Stupid question because I don't understand. Is the Amazon dot the artificial intelligence stuff because DH doesn't want it in the house or is this just a special speaker. I currently have a $10 certificate from Best Buy. Thanks.

@SouthernBee  Yes, I think you'd say Amazon Dot (and its larger version, Echo) represent artificial intelligence because they're connected to the internet and can respond to voice commands.  Because they're connecfed to the internet, they can stream radio stations and live broadcasts.  If you don't like the conversational part, you can turn off that feature so it won't hear you or respond to you.  Of course, some people are skeptical about that - they think it's always listening, regardless of settings.


Edited to add:  Have you tried just going to the website for the radio station on your computer, tablet, or other device and clicking "Listen Now" ?