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PanDigital 7" Media Tablet w/WiFi--Disappointing!

I bought the 7" PanDigital tablet. I am quite disappointed with it. When it advertised it was an Android device I was ready to find applications the same as on my android phone, but alas there is not. The applications available are basic and very poorly written, not the full range of Android apps. The great productivity and reference apps available for android cannot even be downloaded onto this device from a website. If you load music, the album art shows up in your picture folders and you have to go through your pictures to delete all the images from your music covers. Setting up the Wi-Fi was very easy..even a novice could do it. There are a lot of refinements this tablet could receive to make it a truly satisfying tech gadget. I will probably keep the one for myself, but send the one I bought for my daughter back and get the Apple iPod touch she wanted.