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Have you looked at WordPad?  It is already on your Windows computer under "Accessories."


Most people have never looked at Accessories to see what is there.  Interesting!

Don't use wordpad.  It's not compatible with anything.  I'm surprised Microsoft still includes it.  

I just typed a page in WordPad, saved it and opened it in MSWord. 


Also opened a MSWord Document in WordPad.


Works for me!  

Good to know!!

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Thanks @Nightowlz !  I was looking for the disc at Amazon as I don't mind a one time buy in but I don't think they sell it anymore or if they do I think someone told me they no longer security update that version. 


I'll go check again although it sounds like open office will suit me just fine for free.  Thank you for letting me know someone has good experience with it.    

@Laura14 I don't have any idea. I just know DH got it thru his work. He works on a military base so guess it's just a perk he gets. When my other sister was working on a naval base she was also able to buy MS Word cheap. DH always buy the one that costs more to get the disc so if he buys a new computer he can install it or if something happens to the computers we are using he can reinstall it. Was only suppose to be able to put it on 3 computers but found that not to be the case.

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   They both do basically the same thing but one is easier to operate compared to the other. For the price and personal use, go Open Office. It has a learning curve to it and isn't as easy to navigate compared to MS ( for me at least ).


   Now I haven't used either in a long time so things may be different but you can probably YouTube some videos comparing both I'm sure.

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My vote goes to Open Office! I have used it for years because I also didnt want to pay for MS Office. I have had no issues with it and it will open just about anything that MS Office will open. It's a great FREE program! Smiley Happy

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I have used open office - primarily for Spreadsheets.   I started using it after Microsoft started charging a yearly subscription.     Very happy with it.   It is so rich in features - sometimes have to google to find a solution,  but thus far,  I have found that nothing is missing that I need.

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I use MS Word and really like it. But I am a heavy user and Office just works better for me - I am a heavy Word user and also use PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel a lot. Even though I'm just doing my personal stuff I tend to refer to myself as a "word processor."


I do some informal teaching in a residential assocation and delved into both the OpenOffice and LibreOffice open source suites for teaching purposes. Much prefer Libre to OpenOffice. OpenOffice was having some organizational issues in the not-too-distant past, not sure if that's still the case.


And, yes, Wordpad, is a great little resource so long as you don't need to do much editing or formatting.


Good luck in finding what works for you.

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Have used OO on an iMac.  A little clunky but not bad.  Uses Java script in the background and had to ditch it to upgrade to the newer OS.  Some will say it poses a security threat.


AS a previous poster indicated (@rhodygal, I think) there have been no updates to OO in quite some time and that is confusing.


Research it.  It may be fine for you in the long run on a PC but I wouldn't touch it again on a Mac.

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I still own and use my MS office program from 2003 and I like it so much better than the newer versions.  So when I get a new computer I just download that.  Works for me.

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@Laura14 - I have been using Open Office for about a year and a half now after using MS Word at work and home for decades.  I like it and it does everything I need it to do.  I do still have Word on an older computer so could use that in a pinch.  Give it a try - since it's free you don't have much to lose.  And I am with you about the cloud.  

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Thanks @ceekay.  I have downloaded it but haven't had a chance to get in there and write with it but, at a glance, it looked good enough for me.