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Nook TSV: Barnes & Noble won't give me bonus digital content without access code!

Hi all. I'm so frustrated after hours of getting the run-around on the phone with CS and I need some real help. I ordered 2 Nooks when they were the TSV - gave one to my son and kept the other. He set his up and registered an account with B&N and then had access to the $143 bonus digital content without any problems.

I followed the same steps exactly with my Nook, and set up my own B&N account, but I did NOT get the free digital content.

I called the Q first. They said they cannot help, its a B&N problem. So I called B&N and after 95 minutes on the phone was told they cannot help me because they need an access code to authorize the free content. They insisted that QVC would have this code for me, but of course they don't.

B&N confirmed that the free content is not authorized on my device and tried to tell me it's because I can only have one free content bundle per QVC account and that I need an authorization code to have it on more than device; which I verified is NOT true when I called QVC back to ask for the authorization code. Of course the CS reps at the Q don't have a code, and didn't even know what I was talking about. But they did confirm that each individual Nook device should have the bonus bundle no matter how many are purchased; they are shipped from the manufacturer and QVC has nothing to do with the B&N account setup. So they referred me back to B&N, which is already a dead end.

So what do I do now? I'm stuck in no-man's land and don't think it's right that I'm not getting what was promised. Maybe it's just a problem with my Nook and I should exchange it, but that would be a waste of time if the new unit had the same problem.

Any suggestions? Anyone else experience this? Is it unreasonable to think the Q should handle this with B&N for me since only they can verify the bonus bundle?