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Just not sure if I am that into it. It has several bugs, the screen lags and I don't like the fact that thumbnails on two magazine subscriptions that were delivered to my Daily shelf on the home screen did not display the artwork (only a blank generic icon) - yet the previous issues showed fine. Yes they show up with artwork in my library, but this issue is all over the forums I have been reading.

And I also don't like the fact that for all other pdf magazine files that I want to add to my NC will not show up with thumbnails at all (home screen, library, user created shelf, or under my files), yet when I transfer the same pdf to my iPhone, it shows up fine. Again, another major flaw. If I want to add 100 different pdf magazines, they all just have a generic blue cover. How am I supposed to know what is what? Awful.

When does the new hardware upgrade come out? I may wait til then to see if this is fixed.

Or, I may return and put the money toward an iPad 2.