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New Dell Laptop buffers streaming video too much! Help!

I received my Dell Inspiron M5110 2 days ago -- quad processor, 6GB memory, etc. Yesterday I spent 3+ hours on the phone to the QVC-dedicated Dell Tech support. Here is my issue: streaming video is buffering way too much. The techs took control over my laptop, changed my browser from IE9 to IE8; loaded Microsoft SilverLight, and played with all kinds of settings..nothing worked. Even tried Google Chrome. I talked to one tech for over 2 hrs, then his supervisor. Then we got my ISP on the line (I knew this was not the problem) They could not help me. The Dell techs kept blaming my ISP (yet I have no problem on my other laptop!). In fact, the last guy tried to explain to me that "here in India we have problems with our providers...".blah blah blah". Really now.

My old, cheap Acer, with much less memory and a dual core processor, has no problems with media streaming. I have the laptops right next to each other, in the same room with my wireless router. Why does my old laptop have no problem streaming and this new fancy one can't handle 2 seconds of video without having to Buffer? The Dell Tech didn't believe me so he took 'control' over my old computer, too, and saw--first hand--that the video didn't cut out on that computer.

There's a site I frequently enjoy watching: It's a live video feed of a hummingbird nest (now with 2 eggs). This computer can't handle it. It couldn't handle YouTube videos either.

This is the last chance.This laptop is going back if I don't get a resolution soon. I wanted to upgrade my computer but this is not how I envisioned it going! Help!