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Has anyone done this?  I am planning on doing it.  I had my phone out in the cold the other day and the battery went really fast.  


I am am sure you have read about Apple slowing down the older phones with their updates so as to not drain the battery.


Are you going to do this?  Comments welcome.  LM

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my husband has 2 iphone 6+ and he made an appointment in the apple store to get it replaced on sunday. 

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After reading about being able to get a new battery for $29 versus $79 I made an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to replace mine (I have an iPhone SE which is included in that deal). I went in today and the Apple employee first did a diagnostic test on my battery to see if it was going bad and he said The test showed it was really good. He said I could still get a new battery if I wanted (they would have to order it and I would need to come back) but he didn’t recommend it as mine still tested good.  I ended up deciding not to have them order one.  Now whether he was trying to discourage me so Apple didn’t have to sell me a battery at a reduced price I don’t know. 

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I own an iPhone 6 and it is current with every iOS update that has so far been issued by Apple. It hasn’t slowed down in any performance or feature at all,  so I’m not going replace the battery unless it becomes symptomatic. Not fixing it if it ain’t broke. Not spending the labor fee or the newly lowered battery cost until it’s necessary and I’d have to decide whether to replace it or get the battery. Right now I’ve had it 3 years and it’s working the same. 


In severe cold weather I do not carry the phone away from my body. Since I don’t ever carry a bag or tote, it is in my front pants pocket or a shirt/sweater pocket, etc. if I go outdoors. I try to maintain a steady warm enough temp for the little thing. I won’t carry it in an outside jacket pocket. The cold not only will affect the battery, but can mess up the display, especially if the phone becomes very cold and then comes back indoors and condensation starts inside the case. 


Cell phones of any brand and type should be protected from extreme outdoor temps.  It’s not only the cold that can be damaging, but the rewarming as a cycle that affects its operations. 

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I am definitely going to replace mine.  I have the 'your iPhone battery may need to be serviced' message in my settings/battery page.  


I hope that fixes a couple of problems.  Like the OP, my battery drains really fast, and I have also experienced slowdowns.  


As soon as I have all my Christmas decorations put away, I'm going to go to the Apple store too.  



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I have a 6 plus.  I ordered the 8.  I wanted a smaller phone that would fit in my pocket when I walk. My son just got the X. It’s nice, but big,and I don’t  all the bells and whistles !

My 6 has really slowed down with all the updates, my battery is fine. Also, the 6 is only 16 mb and I’ve had to delete things because I was running out of storage. The 8 is 64 so I should have plenty of room .

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@freakygirl@Lizzylou1020@juanitalinda@gizmogal@itsmagic, thanks for your replies.  Good info here.  I have a call set for this morning with Apple Care.  I will probably go into the Apple Store and take care of the battery issue.


 @gizmogal, thanks for the info on cold temps.  I am not usually out in extreme cold temps but I was this past week.  My phone acted wonky for the first time.  I was working in the yard.  Next time I will leave it inside.  LM

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I have a 6+ too and I'm not planning on relacing the battery. Mine is working fine. I'll probably get a new phone in the next year or so anyway. 

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@JaxsMom, I had a call with Apple support today and they ran a diagnostic on my phone and said the battery was fine.  As I said above, it does very quickly in the cold.  I've never had that happen before.  I have an appointment Monday to replace it.  I will talk to them at the store.  My inclination at this point is to replace it since the cost is so low,  LM