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👍🏾 New Amazon Echo 4th Gen 👍🏾

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Echo Dot with Clock: The tiniest of the Echoes just got more useful

The white LED display works with several Alexa functions. The display is primarily a clock, but you can also use it to show countdowns for timers and see the outside temperature when you ask Alexa about the weather. It's available to preorder now. 

Price: $59.99 (preorder today)


As an alarm clock, it includes an automatic snooze option. When your alarm goes off, you'll be able to tap the top and start a nine-minute snooze. The current third-generation Echo Dot will continue to be available. 



Regarding the red bold.....My 2nd & 3rd gen DOTs already do that!  After my alarm goes off, Echo asks me if I want a 10 minute snooze.  Not 9 minutes.  I don't have to "tap" the DOT.  Good thing because the bedroom DOT is not near where I can "tap" it from my bed.



EDIT:  OOPS!  I forgot to add that Amazon has released all their upcoming new Echos & how they work.  You can view them all on YouTube.



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Re: 👍🏾 New Amazon Echo 4th Gen 👍🏾

I got an email yesterday announcing some of their new Amazon electronic devices. Some are pre-orders. I saw an oven that is a convection , microwave oven, air fryer, and reheater. I think it is around $249. I am going to watch for reviews, I have hardly any counter space in my kitchen, this would be great.