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Re: Need a good camera that is still pretty easy to use

I have always bought a Pansonic Lumix - my most recent is an Panasonic LUMIX ZS60 from Costco - 30x zoom.  There are newer models. I loved my old Lumix but it didn't have wireless, so I couldn't transfer photos to my tablet unless I did it thru my computer. 


It has more bells and whistles than I'll ever use, so I just keep it on automatic. Had to re-set it once as I hit a button that changed the resolution but that did not delete my wireless settings so I was happy.  I also bought a spare battery and battery charger for it. 


Most wireless transfers are done thru apps specific to each company that sells the camera.  


My BF has a really easy to use Samsung model WB - the sharing feature on this is even easier.  He can post to facebook directly from the camera. It's a few years old. 


Good luck on your search!