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Working on laptop w/QVC in background on tv w/kindle presentation in background. I very rarely post but cannot comprehend why anyone would buy a kindle on QVC when you can go direct to amazon & buy w/no shipping or tax. Granted they give you a case & earbuds (1.99) - all of which you can get ar amazon directly w/many choices. If you belong to prime, S&H free (vs. 10.22) - even w/o prime - a lot of s&h free if over 25.00. Plus people do not understand that kindle fire hd is very proprietary - tough to access google play. Hate it does not have sd card expansion - cloud after 5gb is not free. Plus all of these so-called extras are standard thru amazon. I am so annoyed - had to vent - Jackie is still hyper over this presentation & I am turning off & rescuing my chicken from the oven. Please comment!