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IPhone 4 QVC App question - Smartphone Newbie here

I've never owned a smartphone or browsed the web via any cellular phone whatsoever, until now. Just got an Iphone 4s. It has Safari for web browsing, and I've been able to visit and other websites, just as I do on my computer. With my 3G service, the site loads fast, even the Community.

I downloaded the free QVC Iphone App today to see what it's all about. I'm clueless how all this works, please remember.

I have found that the App loads much slower, and I really see no advantage whatsoever to using it over the actual webpage via Safari browser. I'm already very familiar with the layout of since I've shopped here for many years.

So, what are the supposed advantages of the App?

FWIW- my plan includes unlimited web browsing, but limited streaming video. So I am not really interested in using the LiveStream at QVC via my phone - if that is a factor.

Thanks for any suggestions or opinions!