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I got an iMac today - what do I need to know??

I've been researching and drooling over the Mac world of computers for at least 7 yrs now. The price is huge compared to the average PC but users adore them and I love the streamlined, utilitarian look to them - quite futuristic, really.

DH bought me the 21½" iMac today for my Christmas (and b-day & anniversary....) present! Since I can't see that glorious machine on my messy desk, I'm waiting to clean everything off before I set it up. You must set up an appt for the Apple store to move your documents to the new iMac so....what do I need to know? I guess this can just be plugged in and used? I just won't have the stuff that I'm used to using on my PC.

Am I being too simplistic here or will I have a rude awakening when I set this up???

TIA to anyone who can offer suggestions!