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Help. I have Dumbphone, want Smartphone for Weight Watchers app. Which one?

Hi Electronic peeps, I'm 46, still have a flip phone. I want to track my Weight Watchers on their App either in an Iphone or Android phone (thinking of Tmobiles new plan on the cheap).

However, I am not a techie, and I have looked all over the internet for reviews and nothing great. I hear the Iphone breaks easily or is stolen easily sometimes as the person is talking so I'm scared yet it seems so great for the Weight Watchers 360 app. However it's expensive too. On the flip side I see Androi phones and they look pretty cool but on the WW forum people were complaining that the WW app is buggy for Androids. I'm sooooo confused. I dont want to track my WW points on paper, I get really lax on that and so I really wanted to try the new technology but can't find anybody's thoughts on what phones they have that they use the WW app and love it on. Can you guys and gals help me out? Please Please.

Thanks, Diane